Louis Patler - Great Place to Stay and Great Place to Work Have Much in Common

“The ocean, like customers, has a mind of its own that is worth paying attention to.It has its moods, its quirks, its ever-changing tastes and ways. The best innovators and inventors understand this about customers and clients, as well. Customers can be fickle and hard to predict. You can’t afford to take it for granted.”

My new book, Make Your Own Waves: The Surfers Rules for Innovators and Entrepreneurs, was inspired in part by an unexpected finding in my research on innovation: serial innovators tend to take metaphors and analogies literally. So, for example, if the marketplace moves in waves, why not base a book on the ultimate subject matter experts, the Big Wave surfers who ride walls of water the size of office buildings.

I remain constantly on the lookout for other analogies that shed light on the world of work. Recently, I was reading a travel blog by my friend Kristin Luna entitled “HOW TO BE THE BEST AIRBNB HOST YOU CAN BE.”

(http://www.camelsandchocolate.com/2015/07/how-to-be-the-best-airbnb-host-you-can-be/ )

It occurred to me that her tips re being a great Airbnb host sheds considerable light on being a good boss, manager or team builder. For brevity I will list her tips and then comment briefly on each.